Vocaloid, the super-popular singing synthesizer from Japan has now gotten an update-and it (she) is bilingual! Meet Megurine Luka, who's "moody and husky" voice is now yours to command in both Japanese and English.

Vocaloids 1 and 2, featuring much higher-pitched robotic singers became the #1 selling software on Amazon Japan. I think the fact that they had pretty, doe-eyed, teenage anime android girls (complete with "personalities" and "back stories") as mascots probably helped their appeal.

That's Luka-chan trying out her synthesized vocal chords in English-singing Amazing Grace. Previously, Western vocaloid fans had to enter all the text in katakana... like this admittedly adorable version of Miku (Vocaloid 2) singing The Proclaimer's 500 Miles.

[ Gizmodo Japan]