PhoneScoop has heard that Motorola is going lay off up to half of its handset division and cut the number of phones it brings out per year to less than a dozen.

We'd heard about the layoffs and Androids push, but not that drastic. If they're cutting half of the handset division, what's happening to the huge 350-man Android team? It was already going to take them until Christmas to pop out a phone.

Moto's also apparently going to be a no-show at CTIA, a wireless trade show that's the biggest one in North America (though totally dwarfed by Mobile World Congress). Granted, since CTIA is typically more of a CDMA venue and Sprint's already popped their big phone (the Pre), it might be a crappy show this year anyway, but I digress. If true, it suggests Motorola's got nothing to show, and definitely nothing of the Android variety, even in its earliest fetal form, which would go a long way to restoring some confidence in the company.

No wonder Motorola's not letting anyone jump on lifeboats headed toward HMCS RIM. [Phonescoop]