56 Steve Ballmer Photoshops in Honor of His Retirement

Microsoft announced today that Steve Ballmer would be retiring within the next 12 months, after decades of service to the company—including the last several as CEO. Ballmer did a lot to and for Microsoft, but the man's greatest legacy might just be this Photoshop contest we originally ran back in 2009.

Enjoy, and please add your own in the discussion below. It's what Steve would want.

56 Situations Steve Ballmer Probably Hasn't Been Seen in Before

For this week's Photoshop Contest, I asked you to use our photos of Ballmer's CES keynote as source material. Man, do you guys love Photoshopping Ballmer.

First Place — Umadsarah Unicornsaintreel (??)

Second Place — Burrito Tech

Third Place — Derrick Villalpando