See if you can guess which icon represents said "new low." Have a guess? I bet you do. But thankfully, there were some legit cool apps this week too.

Zit Picker: The aforementioned low. I write about it only to warn fellow Gizmodo fans, with hopes of condemning this app to the graveyard. You pick zits with multitouch here. It's vile, and I wish nothing but failure for this app. Any press is good press you say? Take a stand. No more ridiculous bodily function apps in the store. Join me in the movement! $1

And now, the good stuff:

Quad Camera: The Japanese love their toy cameras, and they're also proving quite skilled at making creative camera apps for the iPhone. Quad camera mimics certain Lomo-cams that expose multiple shots on one frame by taking 4-8 sequential shots at a single click of the button, accompanied by a satisfying vintage shutter click sound. Cool stuff. $2

Fast Tap Camera: And the second cool-looking camera app is one that adds a functionality I've been looking for: expanding the camera's tiny shutter button to the whole screen. I've dropped my phone countless times trying to awkwardly hit the shutter button in a non-conventional shooting angle, and this solves that problem. Let the self portraits and hail mary shots flow. $1

Big StopWatch: Yeah, your iPhone already has a capable stop watch. But does it look as beautiful as this? I probably wouldn't pay for ornamentation alone, but this retro analog stop watch is a great piece of design work, and it's free, so why not?

Incognito Browser: And finally, we saw Apple lift its restriction on browser replacement apps this week, so long as they're based on WebKit. So far, no one's doing anything much more interesting than giving you a separate porn browser that doesn't record history or cache. If you have been waiting for a porn browser for you iPhone, my hat's off to you. Will be interesting to see if anyone else does anything novel with the new browser rules. $2

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This list is in no way definitive. If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this week, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. And for even more apps: see our previous weekly roundups here, and check out our original iPhone App Review Marathon. Have a good weekend everybody.