Once again, the dudes at Lifehacker show us how to be anal and get things done. Here are our favorite posts of the week.

Use Safari to update your iPhone's word database with curse words 100% of the time
NiceCritic lets you tell people things anonymously - "Dear Adam Pash, you smell weird. Signed, Anonymous Gizmodo Editor"
Women multitask with TV and internet twice as much as men? What? This doesn't sound right.

Use Your Playstation Portable as an Additional Windows Monitor
Five Best Portable Applications - For when your internet is down and you have to work at the library like a hobo or that blogging prostitute
Browse the iTunes store without iTunes

Make simple wall mounts for your speakers, because you're a cheap person
Get freeware versions of paid apps, once again, because you're a cheap person
Get food under $10, again because...

Make your own windshield de-icer
Deep Inside Windows 7 with Tech Guru Mark Russinovich - Sounds like the title of the worst adult film ever
Windows 7 Shortcuts Enables the Best Win7 Shortcuts in XP or Vista - Who doesn't like shortcuts

Eversave saves your open documents regularly
Gizmo Drive mounts a bunch of drive types, including Windows 7's VHD
Get cheap exercise equipment when people move - Jeez those Lifehackerers are cheap