Pictures of Dell's ultra-thinner-than-Air Adamo have been dark or teasers, but here it is, fully revealed. The form factor is gorgeous and makes the Envy look boring. More slobbery shots this way.

The white is marred by a supremely tacky lid—in and of itself, and for the style that it's trying to evoke, the essence of the rapidly fading (if not already dead) monogram bag.


But! Like I said, the form factor itself, exposed more crisply than ever by Brian Solis, is gorgeous, and I kind of want to take the black one on a date where we'd eat foie gras and chocolate truffles. To make the body of the laptop itself thinner than the Air, Dell gave it a meaty ass, which is where it stuffed all the ports—two USB, DisplayPort, Ethernet, power. The keyboard looks like it'll fantastic to type on as well.

Performance is still a remaining question, but it really only matters insofar as it doesn't spoil the experience, kind of like going out with a model. [Brian Solis via Electronista]