Whoa, what camera is that?

One of my favorite photograph sub-genres is the mirror self portrait, with camera in sight. I suppose I have a fetish for these shots. These are the best I could find. I saw one like this on an aggregation site popurls.com. And followed the link to Flickr.

Then I found a few more and before I knew it, I found a group called Self Portraits in Mirrors and eventually ended up with 50 of these shots. And that's when I realized I was obsessing over them. I don't know why they're interesting to me. Perhaps it's the contrast between man and machine. And the expressions, they're generally candid and, no pun intended, reflective, with no one else around; not even another photographer. Just the gaze of a sensor through a fine piece of focusing glass. Some of the shots go a step further, TTL viewfinder to the eye, giving the subject a cyborg look, the bio-mimed curves, faux leather and lens somehow matching the human facial structure and eyes. Plus, they look beautiful.

My favorite of the bunch are from a series from a Flickr user named Chile, shot for Anastasia Volkova Photography.

Which of these are your favorite?

[In no particular order, photography credit and thanks to chiie, julianne.hide, hamedmasoumi, demibrooke, etwood, pinkspleen, multiget, tacoekkel, paranoicafierita, stallio, dc-white, cesarastudillo, einfachalex, okko pyykkö, vanguardist, elanacxliv, okko pyykkö, kennymatic, r.s.m.b.Sees, james the photographer,
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