Waterslide? Check. Detachable island flotation device? Sure. An aft deck that transforms into whatever your out-of-touch-with-plebeian-society desires require? Like you really had to ask.

Called the C-Stream, this concept out of Studio de Voogt is designed for families. Super rich families, sure, but even kids with $2,500 tricycles need something to keep them occupied on the high seas, right? There's even that waterslide, because public waterslides on land are just so dirty and common.

As mentioned above, the aft "WaveDeck" takes on a life of its own, with no less than four variations.

There's the dinner deck for visiting heads of state; there's the float deck for when you need an evening to unwind after buying multimillion dollar paintings; there's the reception deck for simple $20 cocktails; and then there's the party deck for when you need to bump rails off Mediterranean call girls.

I'm sorry, did I say this boat was for kids? Not with those disco lights it isn't.