Aside from those movie trailers we posted earlier today, there weren't too many gadgety ads or Palm Pre sightings that were worth a major post. But there were a few. And Baldwin is an alien.

Hulu. Summary: Alec Baldwin is an alien; TV turns brains to mush and that's a good thing; significant audience reached by a company that streams TV over the internet. We're evil and proud of it. Ed. Note: Hulu can't seem to get their embed crap straight with this post right now, and the site isn't loading the video, either. Suffice to say, it was good for a chuckle, and good for Hulu, which is certainly not a household name in U.S. households right now.

Update: Hulu Alec Baldwin Huluwood video is now available at their blog. Also, note to Hulu: You have to watch ads before you get to watch the ADS?! WTF?!

Vizio. Notes: We're here. We're cheap. People are buying our TVs. Deal with it. Oh, and there's a contest.

Audi. Notes: Jason Statham. Bad ass. And because they're better than BMW. — J.L.

Pixar's Up. Summary: How do you follow up a gem like Wall-E?

And then there were the 3D ads, featuring appearances by NBC's Chuck, the Sobe lizards, and the Dreamworks Aliens vs. Monsters animated flick. Who had the glasses ready? How'd it look to you?


Lastly, I am but a man, with beer in my system and BBQ covering my fingers. What did I neglect to mention that caught your eye during the commercial breaks? [Hulu, YouTube]