The folks behind Red Bull's Snowscrapers event this week in the city will tell you, as they're building the biggest ramp ever in an urban area in New York City's East River Park.

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It consists of a 90-foot main landing ramp, with a takeoff point that's 8-10 feet below that—so if you get off on a bad foot, or whatever it is in snowboarding lingo, you could very well get a face full of ramp.

Snow wise, the ramp will use three different types (four, if the weather keeps doing Thursday night what it's doing right now): snow machine output, shaved ice and, my favorite—snow made from liquid nitrogen. It looks like a pretty good time, and it's all going down on Thursday night—I'm not as big a snow bunny as Brian Lam (West Coasters make sure you check out the Snowmodo 2009 details!), but I'm going to try to be there to see it up close. [Red Bull Snowscrapers]