At a recent Hall of Fame news conference, a woman claiming to be Ex-Cowboys receiver Bob Hayes' half sister read an emotional thank you letter written by him in 1999. But something is amiss.

Bob Hayes died in 2002 and this letter was supposedly a thank you pre-written in the the hope that he would someday enter into the Hall of Fame after three decades of disappointment. Naturally, a reading at the conference by his half-sister Lucille Hester sparked a lot of emotion among the Cowboy's organization, the fans and the NFL. However, it appears that the letter is actually a forgery, and Lucille may be a Texas-sized fraud.


Hayes' true relatives have long argued that Hester was nothing more than a friend during the last years of his life—and an examination of the letter has concluded that the signature is a blatant forgery and it was typed in Calibri—a font that didn't exist until Microsoft introduced it in Office 2007. If that wasn't enough, his legendary teammate Roger Staubach's name is misspelled in the document.

So, if these allegations are true, what is Hester's motive? According to those involved she is an attention seeker that is using Hayes' name to glorify herself. At this point, the Hayes family is investigating their options. Involving the law is a definite possibility, but in the immediate future they are trying to ensure that Hester doesn't get any where near the stage during the induction ceremony on August 8th. [DallasNews via Yahoo Sports]