Sure, they might sometimes fall asleep on your couch (or your bed), but Comcast guys aren't all bad. Two Cape Cod Comcast repairmen ran into a burning house and saved an 88-year-old woman.

Jim MacConnell and Tom Masciulli had been installing a phone line at a neighboring house, when an old man ran onto the street screaming that his house was on fire and his wife was trapped inside. MacConell and Masciulli ran into the house and plunged through thick billows of black smoke to find her.

"There was so much black smoke and she had soot all over her face," MacConnell said, while watching firefighters battle the blaze. "If we had left, it's just my opinion, but if we weren't here she would've perished."

Today, Comcast Repairmen, we salute you. [Thanks Jon!]