If you could play any audio clip over your horn, what would it be? Would you honk more just to hear your jam? These are good questions for any potential owner of a DiMora Natalia.

Granted, the DiMora Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan concept has been floating around for years, so it is really bordering on vaporware. Nonetheless, the company has announced that customizable MP3 horn tones will be part of the standard package for any V16 Natalia SLS 2 produced. Apparently, the "Horntones" system will feature 256MB of flash memory that can be loaded up with a digital file of your choice via the dash. The 150-watt speaker can blare your audio with a 110dB sound pressure level—most likely causing more accidents that it would prevent.


There is stil no word on when the DiMora SLS 2 might actually see the light of day, but at $2 million apiece, its a safe bet to assume most of you couldn't afford one anyway. [DiMora via Autoblog via BornRich]