The Gadget: It's a snowboarding multitool with screwdriver and wrench, as well as a tape measure, bottle opener and tobacco pipe.

Price: $30

The Lowdown: I'd never go riding without this multitool. The device is sturdy, and the screwdriver's been helpful countless times I'd want to adjust bindings quickly. The handle and spring loaded release for the tool are easily useful with gloves on, and lock at 90 and 180 degree positions for more screwing speed or power. The tape measure is a bit short at 22 inches, so not that great for measuring between the feet when setting wide stances. The entire thing is extremely durable, except the plastic lid for the bits, wrench and pipe. The pipe itself works really really well, as you can see from the photos above where it is being demonstrated, packed, with basis leaves and pencil shavings. The aforementioned plastic shield working as a built in wind shield during lift rides. (You'll still need a pipe lighter and not some cheap bic, though, on the mountain.) If I could redesign it, I'd lose the tape measure, and wrench and build in the lighter.


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