The Gadget: The Wham-O Snowball Blaster is an arm mounted slingshot/cannon thingy for snowballs. It has a mold on top for making three perfectly spherical. UPDATE: Slow motion video added.

The Price: $30

The Skinny: The molds don't work well with thin snow, but I bet wetter stuff is amazing. The range on the slingshot is about 30 feet, and fairly powerful and accurate as it can be considering a snowball will almost always arc. You have to aim up and lob the shot, which is kind of contrary to the gun-like form of the weapon. The rubber bands flex well even in cold weather.


The bottom line is that if you're facing off against any one with a half way decent arm, the average firepower on this piece is no match for a quick pack and toss from a human appendage. Nice try, though. Don't I look mean cradling such an armament?


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