Despite the new HTC Magic, the Sony Ericsson Idou, and Windows Mobile 6.5—which still is not Windows Mobile 7—the Mobile World Congress was a bag of lame. Some blame the economic crisis. I don't.

I blame the state of the technology. The lack of real innovation and news. Touch was finally everywhere—two years after the JesusPhone and one year after Research In Motion officials said touch screens were going nowhere—but so what? Been there, done that, got the bloody' t-shirt. Seriously, you know something stinks when you see the BlackBerry people racing to plaster their booth with this:

Yeas, it's one of those phony industry awards. The Storm named as the "Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough". "Press and be impressed", it claims. The BlackBerry Storm is considered a "breakthrough" by "the industry". The not quite a perfect storm, as Matt put it, with its bugs and half-baked SurePress technology.

I rest my case.

And so did everyone else on the floor. You can see people wandering the aisles, looking for something exciting, new, but everyone in the floor was kind of blah and smleh about everything. Just a mass of androids pushing around the floors, searching for nothing.

Here's some of the best—and worst—of what I found.

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