We don't know much about MSI's X-Slim netbook line being touted in China, but from the looks of it, these machines are winners: super-slim form factors, light-weight, 13.4 or 15.6-inch screens, and low cost.

Thus far the X-Slims have only been unveiled in China, and details, such as the processor and chipset platform, are still unclear. It was reported that MSI might go beyond the typical Atom package and offer these with a beefier Pentium-class chip, or perhaps even utilize Nvidia's Ion platform for HD graphics (HDMI output coming standard on these machines seems to make a decent case for the later scenario).

Pricing is apparently between $700 and $1000 for the newly unveiled 13-inch X340 (a previously announced X320 is the same form factor sans some of the extras like HDMI. Brings these to the states please, MSI: with your history of supporting the Hackintosh community, these would make fine, fine OS X machines. [Engadget Chinese]