The antidote to Canon's blimpy D10 is Pansonic's comparatively skinny Lumix TS1.

This is what I picture when I think of a camera that doesn't take any shit, like a Marine. (There's an army green and charcoal, not just orange, speaking of.) It's a no BS block of brushed metal that's slim enough to actually slide into your pocket. (To me, despite being bright orange, it's still less Mountain Dew EXTREME style than Olympus's yellowyellowyellow Tough 6000.) Spec-wise, it's a lot like the D10, actually—12-megapixel, but it shoots 720p video instead of VGA, stands up to beatings and diving—though it costs $70 more, at $400. Clarification: Canon's D10 doesn't shoot 720p, it shoots VGA—I lumped 'em together a little too hard.

It's lighter than you would expect, and fairly comfortable to use, despite having a really rigid appearance. What did throw me off is the shutter button—it's that textured rectangle on top that's right behind the slider for zooming in and out. It's an unnatural shape and position, at least for me. Still, even based on form factor only, while I like the D10's design as a concept, the TS1 is what I'd be more likely to bring with me—mostly because it's actually small enough to come along.


PMA is an annual show where we get to see tomorrow's digital cameras—the ones that'll be populating pockets and purses for the rest of the year. We'll be here for the next couple of days.