People always compare new technology to Minority Report, specifically Tom Cruise's ridiculous multitouch command center. But the ViVid screen might bring another, more annoying part of that film into reality: omnipresent video advertising displays!

While the ViVid screen is technically an LCD device, it's not a full-fledged display, as its imagery is supplied by a separate projector. It's a flexible, cuttable film that changes from opaque to transparent when electricity is supplied. That, specifically, isn't a breakthrough tech—it's the versatility of the system that matters. The LCD layer is made up of a sponge-like polymer acrylic, meaning that the film can be bent, punctured or even cut into odd shapes without losing function.


The most obvious applications are for advertising: Tech-On imagines a storefront that could be transparent during the day, switching to interestingly-shaped video displays at night, or even just when the store is closed. The tech isn't on sale yet and prices haven't been set, but it'll be available in a wide variety of sizes. The 40-inch version is expected to run at about $1500, so, you know, be careful with those scissors. [Tech-On]