This week, Kotaku shows that the Batman game is going to have an expensive collector's edition, why fitness games are booming, and why arcades are dangerous.

Fitness games are propping up Majesco
Batman: Arkham Asylum's collectors edition costs $100
Man arrested for trying to get an 11-year-old to send him naked photos over PS3

Xbox Live discounts Fable and Alien Hominid
Funk on Rock Band
Ashcraft looks forward to having things from his desk drop on his kid's head

There's a Harry Potter LEGO game coming
Vin Diesel's dream project is a little strange
An Alchemy-based RPG is coming to the PS3

Army of Two sequel is confirmed. I wish they had went with Army of Three, and added three-player co-op play into it instead.
Another reason why arcades are dangerous
How good is Resident Evil 5?

Resident Evil's unlockable costumes!
This is some good Samus cosplay
The Gamecube made Miyamoto very sad

Ten places gamers should visit in Japan
The Star Trek movie is getting a game too
See a dude punch a ninja in the gut