Microsoft has teamed with various hardware vendors to sell PCs for seniors. Because apparently the cute girls under five market is pretty small.

Offered for about $1300, these HP desktops or laptops come with stripped down software like a simplified browser and word processor, medication adherence software, printers, and, of course, bigger keyboards/trackballs upon request.

And it all sounds great, really, until Microsoft claims, "This complete package is specifically designed for seniors who have had little or no experience with a computer. "

These systems are Vista PCs. And from what we can tell, there's no handy icon skin to make the OS easier to navigate. (Instead, Microsoft relies on its Ease of Access Center including magnifying glasses and audio cues.) Don't read this as some cheap shot against Vista; realize that any full-blown OS seems ridiculously complicated for a first-time (senior) computer user who just wants to learn to check email. Sorry Microsoft, but a simple Linux OS with about five icons is the way to go here. Or just hide Vista. [Senior PC via TechDigest]