It's GDC week this week, so Kotaku has a LOT of news for you. Many exciting tidbits await ahead.

Sony may be announcing something on Tuesday!
Katamari Creator says he doesn't use drugs
Punchout for Wii looks great

Fable may not be an RPG forever
Terminator Salvation isn't that great
Batman Arkham Asylum looks pretty good

Here's a list of rejected Rock Band names
Ashcraft sleeps in, ignores his baby
Katamari Damacy for PS3 will be the 6th time you buy the same game

Call of Duty dropping the 'Call of Duty'?
The Video Game Sword Replica Business is tough - Everyone there needs a haircut
Link's on a train in the new Zelda game

Here's that new Final Fantasy Wii game
Play as guinea pigs with gadgets
Split Second combines racing with explosions