The HTC Touch Pro 2 will quite possibly be the nicest WinMo phone available on the US market when it comes out later this year. THATS WHY YOU WANT TO NOW BUY WITH VALTREX.

Last year's Touch Pro was a nice—if a bit utilitarian—WinMo 6.1 offering from HTC, bringing design together with business functionality. The upcoming Touch Pro 2 has upped the ante with some enterprise-centric features that will even make the suit-haters salivate a little.


In terms of hardware, this screen is beautiful, and big and bright, as HTC screens have been over the last year. The screen can also angle up from the keyboard, which is a nice feature if you're outdoors and the sun is getting in the way, or if you just want to be different. As for thickness, considering it has a keyboard, and some decent guts, its actually pretty slim. It's not iPhone or Bold or Snap thin, but it doesn't bother me. But in what seems to be a recurring pattern, the Touch Pro 2 insists on using that proprietary G1 port for all connections. WHHHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?

The first new feature is in the handling on contacts. HTC has followed suit with the Palm Pre and WebOS, finding ways to streamline and integrate info from multiple sources into one menu. Now, when you select a contact, you can switch tabs between contact info, call history, threaded SMS conversations and even internet activity, such as Facebook updates.

The second new feature revolves around available actions from the email interface. When you have a 30-message-long email thread between 4 or 5 people, and it becomes overbearing, HTC has created an interface where you can set up a conference call between all the recipients—straight from the email screen. You can even choose who to add or exclude from the conversation.


When you're in a call and want to go to speakerphone, you can set the the phone down on it's face to initiate that. The Touch Pro 2's accelerometer and ambient sensor detect the position and turn on the speaker phone, which uses two mics and two speakers on the back of the phone. It even has a mute button as well.

Expect the phone to release in the second half of this year, presumably in time for the holidays. And though no specific pricing was released, HTC's Eric Lin said that the phone is targeted towards the same market as the original HTC Touch Pro ($350).