Saturday, at our Snowmodo reader event, we're going to be tabulating everyone's ski/snowboard runs TOTAL mileage for the day for the entire Gizmodo hivemind. If you have an iphone, use the Motion-x gps app.

It's cool because it uses open source maps that can be cached for offline use (unlike google maps), and uses the iPhone's accelerometer to augment and improve GPS accuracy. It also caches your max speed. My brother hit 46mph the other day, which is not so bad in slush. AND you can not only take geotagged photos from within the app, but you can mail yourself a Google Earth file with the tracks and the photos, or simply view them in Google Maps. It's a great app. The free version has all the functions of the paid $3 version, but you can't save more than one track. I have the paid one.


If you've got another GPS or phone platform, and can track your miles, I'll be collecting that data, too.
Just fwd your speed and mileage to the email snowmodo at after we're done with the day. And no points for top speed. Be safe. Wear a helmet and all that. If you get hurt at our event it will ruin my day.
[Motion X GPS on iTunes: Paid, Free]

Snowmodo is our snow sport winter meet up at Lake Tahoe, California, with prizes, discounts, tons of fun snow activities, a party and GADGETS. If you can make it please RSVP and find out more info by clicking on the banner below. I'll let you wear my hat (below).