If you rejoiced at Google's re-rollout of the one-phone-number-for-life Grand Central service as Google Voice, you'll be pretty happy about GV—an app that can place outdoing calls using your universal number.

If you don't have GV on an Android phone, Google Voice must first call your cellphone and then connect you to the outgoing call that way. GV saves you this go-between by dialing out directly to your contacts' phone numbers using the Google Voice switchboard. Just set it to "Dial out" instead of "Call back" and you can more easily use your consolidated number for outgoing calls.

Sending text messages works in a similar fashion, only

GV is developed by a third party, so if Google changes up the way the system works, the app may break. But until then, it's a convenient setup for those hoping to consolidate lots of phone numbers into a single Google Voice number.

[Thanks to Gina at Smarterware / Lifehacker for the test!]

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