Are U 2 extreme 2 Tokyo Drift in an actual roided-out spoiler Civic? Well, now you can contain your fury inside the cozy confines of the iPhone. Plus: one hot NYT crossword Dealzmodo.

Fast & Furious The Game: 36 cars, four tracks, a variety of GTA-like missions and all of the exxxtreme attitude you can handle make up this iPhone version of the franchise. It has an interesting feature that allows you to record time trial runs and then upload them to YouTube: here's one the guys from Touch Arcade did. For more, check them out: [Touch Arcade, it's $6]

New York Times Crossword Daily 2009: Subscribing to the daily online NYTimes crossword service is $40; with this app, you get each day's puzzle plus an archive of the entire year for $10, which is a great deal. It's also very nicely designed, and has a number of different ways to solve, including a mode that separates each clue out onto a separate line. Plus online scorekeeping, it's got it all. Now you can stick it to Will Shortz on the road. $10, expires at the end of '09.

iCombat: It's the classic Atari game of Combat, made up all pretty like for the 21st century, and adding mines, grenades, homing missiles, cloaking devices—the works. Super addicting. $1

MIeko: The app does some funky visual things when you touch it, but had to include this, just for the choice to use as the description this now-heartbreaking passage from one of David Foster Wallace's first short stories, "The Planet Trillaphon."

"Swollen and throbbing, off-color, sick, with just no chance of throwing up to relieve the feeling. Every electron is sick, here, twirling off balance and all erratic in these funhouse orbitals that are just thick and swirling with mottled yellow and purple poison gases, everything off balance and woozy. Quarks and neutrinos out of their minds and bouncing sick all over the place." - David Foster Wallace

RIP. Would be nice if the buck went to a charitable cause.

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