This is the World's Fastest Kettle. That's what Charles Burnett III calls his steam supercar, which will race at 170mph over the Mojave Desert this coming June. Yes, I can't believe it either.

The 25-foot-long steam supercar has a theoretical speed of 170mph. It uses four 90Ah electric batteries for ignition, which fires up the gas to heat twelve boilers. The boilers—which have a whooping two miles of metal tubing inside—can heat 13.2 gallons of water (50 litres) per minute to a temperature of 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400ºC). The resulting vapor is injected into a 13,000rpm turbine at go time.

Burnett will try to beat the previous record—established at 127.658mph by American Fred Marriott in 1906—over the Mojave Desert in early June.



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