Going to Coachella? They've released an iPhone app that should be standard for every big music festival ever. Plus, the most addicting iPhone game yet? All in a week's work in the App Store.

Coachella: I haven't been to a big festival in a while, but this app really makes me want to go to Coachella, even though Paul McCartney is headlining one of the nights. On top of a complete schedule of who's playing where and when, the app can also help you and your iPhone equipped friends find each other amidst all the clouds of hash smoke by updating your GPS location. And you can also browse photos taken during the event. Very cool, and free.

Tap Tap Coldplay: It was only a matter of time before megarockers Coldplay got the Tapulous treatment. Now you can pretend to be summoning dulcet mainstream pop with the tap of a touchscreen. Someday it will be that easy. $5.

Doodle Jump: This game has such a great graphic style, I almost wouldn't care if it was kind of boring or awkward. But it is the opposite of both of those things: using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls I've yet played with, you guide your little Q-Bert looking guy on his springy journey up, up, up a sheet of graph paper, blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laugh with delight as you blow past other players' actual high score marks scribbled in the margins. This game is so fun. $1

GoodCab BadCab: This is more a fun idea than a great one, as I can't quite see what functional use this would ever have, but GoodCab BadCab prompts you to enter your cabbie's medallion number and then rate him or her on driving abilities, friendliness, whether help was given with your bags, and of course, the odor of the cab's interior, be it pleasant or horrible. What you would then do with this information is anyone's guess. Maybe a prize for the top-ranked cabbie? It's free.

Coupon Sherpa: Coupon Sherpa collects scannable coupons for a large assortment of major retailers, letting you browse for currently usable coupons in the store, simply having the cashier zap your iPhone screen with the barcode reader. The list of supported stores is promised to grow—right now according to Brian at Wired it includes several biggies like Walgreens, Target and Macy's but is lacking essentials like Starbucks, Best Buy or Walmart. $2

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