This week we get some very interesting sequel news, as the first BioShock 2 gameplay video squirts out onto the internet. There's also some Vin Diesel action.

Get your own Punch Out boxing gloves
Gamestop's employee game checkout program is probably illegal
Once again, you can play as Vin Diesel

Ashcraft did NOT leave his baby in a car (but he thought about it)
Rock Band's getting all of Chinese Democracy
Final Fantasy VII is coming for PS3


First BioShock 2 game footage - I don't know what to feel about this. I loved the first, but this seems like more of the same, including many of the characters and gameplay conventions. Then again, the first was REALLY good, so more of the same could be alright.

Left 4 Dead boxart that wasn't good enough to make the cut
Batman Arkham Asylum
Sonic cosplay is scary, depressing