Samsung's updated Instinct S30 is now listed on Sprint's website for 130 whole American dollars. Never mind that the original Instinct—an almost identical product—was available for the same price nearly a year ago.

The S30 does improve on its forebear in a few not-insignificant ways, shipping with the excellent (but free and previously downloadable) Opera Mini browser, an improved touchscreen, a refreshed OS and softer, botoxed styling. At heart, though, it's the same old Instinct, and I don't mean figuratively—the spec sheet is almost identical.

The only way a $130 asking price makes any sense is if its considered solely in the context of Sprint's lineup, which is very, very thin on attractive smartphones and high-end feature phones. Among that sad crowd, the S30 looks pretty good at $130, but against a wider industry backdrop of $100 BlackBerrys and WinMo Smartphones—not to mention some vastly more impressive offerings at the $200 price point—it, and in turn Sprint, looks silly. [Sprint via IntoMobile]