Last week you experienced Gizmodo's Listening Test, a week long tribute to technology in music. Here are the highlights:

While Matt and I explained some of the mysteries of audio cables and loudspeakers, Mahoney tried to explain something far more complicated: the mind of an audiophile, following that with a taste of the craziest audiophile gear.

Speaking of gear, Herrman gave us a look at some of the prettiest ever seen (but not always heard), and then, at the other end of the cost spectrum, Adrian tested the newest iPod/iPhone docks, picking winners in different price points.


It got personal at times. Blam shared the tragic tale of his sweet boomin' bass system. Most of the guys talking about their first album, while I go off on a tangent about the packaging my first albums came in. Jesus told us all why The Beatles sound better in mono.

Meanwhile, you readers shared your own sound systems, 130 rigs we should all envy, and we all reminisced over 10 of the greatest geek rock videos of all time.


In the end, Adrian drove it home with a rant on how tech changed the way we listen to music, while Herrman provided illustration for that, in the form of a timeline of audio formats, from wax cylinders to digital downloads.


We covered a lot of ground, more even than I could recap above. Hopefully you got a kick out of it, and that you'll be ready for our next crazy theme week. [Gizmodo Listening Test]