The sleek Verizon MiFi portable hotspot converts 3G signals into WiFi for up to five devices, which is pretty sweet. But the monthly fees aren't so pretty.

Battery life is rated for 4 hours of active use and 40 of standby, and only costs $100 after a $50 rebate when it's released on May 17th. But the monthly fees, oh god, the fees!


The plan will run you $40 a month for 250MB, with 10 cents per MB overage fee, or $60 a month for 5GB. And for some reason, a "Day Pass" costs $15, if you don't want to be tied into a contract but do like paying tons of money. Still, it's a pretty sweet gadget, especially for travellers, though of course portable WiMax would be better if, you know, WiMax was more common. [Engadget]