The Asus 1008HA "Seashell" (their newest, hottest Eee) isn't even out yet, but the company has already announced two new models based up on the similar tapered formfactor, the 1005HA-M and 1005HA-H.

This handy chart will distinguish all of the precise discrepancies between the models, but the biggest shift looks to be that while the 1008HA has a Macbook-Air-like non-removable battery, the updated models will allow battery swapping (a point that may or may not matter to you). Each of the newer Seashells will also jump from the 1008HA's 5-cell battery to a 6-cell battery, which adds some weight but surely some run time as well.

Both models will hit overseas in July for converted prices of $405 (1005HA-M) and $473 (1005HA-H). There's no word on a US release, yet. [Blogeee via Engadget]