This week, Kotaku's got Guitar Hero 5 news, Street Fighter figures, Punch-Out boxing controls, some artwork and a little bit of crawling.

Guitar Hero 5 will let you play four of ANY instrument
The Spy class in Team Fortress 2 is getting an update
Win a ticket to go to E3 with Kotaku

Here's how the Punch-Out balance board controls work
Cooking Mama responds to Science Papa
The Sims 3 for iPhone (more screenshots)

The original Wolfenstein 3D is coming to XBLA
Ashcraft's kid can crawl!
Here's that Final Fantasy VII Advent Children trailer you wanted

The Duke Nukem developers are being sued for not delivering on Duke Nukem Forever
Serious Sam 3 breathes. I'm really looking forward to this game, since trying to gun down 100 screaming bombers headed straight for you is my idea of fun
Sacred 2 for Xbox 360/PS3 is a little buggy. Mark and I are about to play that, in case anybody's also playing.

These Street Fighter figures are nice
More Magna Carta II Artwork
We have not yet achieved zombie saturation