Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

• This "John Mayer is a douchebag" clock. What? He definitely is not a douchebag. He did pioneer the doubledouche, but a douchebag he is not. Sorry for overusing the word douchebag, but they made us. So yeah, that's why we didn't post this. [Cafepress]

• Here's what the screenshots of the iPhone push notification looks like. Oh right, we saw it already back at the iPhone 3.0 event.. [Engadget]


• The iPhone and Android get labels on their respective Gmail websites. NOT their actual iPhone and Android clients, unfortunately, which is when you should care. [CNET via Jkontherun]

• This fitPC2 calls itself the world's tiniest PC, but there have been loads and loads of tiny, tiny PCs. This isn't nearly the smallest. [Likecool]

• Here's a dog washing machine that washes your dog. It's an old, old concept, which is why we don't care, but dog lovers also tell me that it's somewhat cruel, which is why you shouldn't use it. [Dvice]