This week Lifehacker shows you how to shoot better photos, how to hang your Mac upside-down, how to close apps in Windows 7 fast and how to blow your nose to great effect.

Take better photos by shooting your digital stills as if it's a video camera
Use Middle Click to close your apps in the Windows 7 taskbar
What the new credit card rules mean for you

Get an energy boost by blowing your nose, changing your socks and hitting up the water cooler
How to move your iTunes library onto an external hard drive. Smart tip, but if you have it, I'd recommend putting it on a network hard drive. You can easily stream your music from there onto any machine in your house, but the downside is you can't take it with you on the go.
Make one bonus card to consolidate all bonus cards


Here are the (cheap) Lifehacker readers' favorite value meals. Good tips here, since they're cheap, but they still have to eat.
Firefox 3.5 will see a new icon
Six great exercise planning and tracking tools. Tracking your exercise is one of the best ways to stick to it.

The upside down Mac