Terminator Salvation may have been a letdown, but our week of celebrating the violence within every gadget—armed and sentient or ordinary and household, they're all bloodthirsty—was a hit. Here's a recap of the finer moments:

Adam took us through some of the worst manglings and murders committed by appliances, from pitching machines to prison toilets. Dan and Jack showed us that lawnmowers and pajama zippers can be pretty nasty, while Blam pointed out—with NSFW photographic evidence—that meat grinders are the surliest of the bunch.

The country's two most famous robotics authors enlightened us on future encounters with our robot overlords: PW Singer, author of Wired For War, walked us through exactly why Asimov's laws of robotics are so full of crap they'll never protect humans from cybernetic violence, though he later explained why the likelihood of a true Terminator-style takeover is slim.

Meanwhile, Daniel H. Wilson, author of How to Survive a Robot Uprising, showed us why two-legged humanoid robots would soon do our bidding on the battlefield.

The guest appearances continued, with MythBusters' Adam Savage dropping in to blow our minds about the fine art of electrocution, and why you probably shouldn't try it at home.

You all got in the game, voting on which robots were the most deadly in the humanoid and heavyweight divisions, and how the winner of each—Caprica 6 and Gort-would fare in a Battle Royale. 6 won, but since she received 756,000 votes, we're assuming foul play.

Naturally, we also stuck in the age-old question of a bout between Wall-E and Johnny 5, though Sean saved the scariest robots for last, in his TGIF roundup.

It was a good week, though somehow there was no comfort in learning that ordinary dumb gadgets are as deadly as—or deadlier than—robots trained to kill you. Especially when, at present, a 17-year-old Candian girl is our best bet in the war against the machines. [Machines Behaving Deadly]