Hello, welcome to the inaugural this month in Android apps. It's been a pastry-packed month, what with cupcakes and donuts and, um, ions flying around. We've got spots, searches, flicks and apps that will make you burn with jealous rage just ahead.

Spotify: Demoed at Google IO 2009, it actually isn't available in America—legit use is limited to a handful of countries in Europe (we get Hulu, you guys get Spotify). It's a scary good music streaming app. It caches songs so you can listen to them offline, and you can add music to your playlist from a computer—it'll show up instantly on your phone. Oh yeah, did I mention Spotify gives you millions a tracks to create a totally customized library from? Pandora what? Pleasepleaseplease come to America.

Flixster: Fllxster's my preferred movie app on the iPhone because you can find what you're looking for really fast, so I'm pretty happy to see it on Android. It finds theaters close to you and lists showtimes, along with reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and trailers. It also covers what's new in DVD. The only real flaw is that you can't buy tickets direct from the app. Free.

Searchme: A "visual search engine," meaning it delivers results as thumbnail previews of websites and videos. The native Android app actually replicates most of the functions of the full desktop version of Searchme, you know, if you're looking a search engine that looks a little slicker than Google.

Gensoid: A BYOR (bring your own ROM) Sega Genesis emulator, from the same cat who brought you Nesoid, an NES emulator (pictured). It runs at nearly full speed, but the sound can get a little wonky. All of the usual emulator caveats apply (gray legal area, spotty performance) but you can try it for free with the lite version before throwing down $3 for the full shebang. And hey, just try finding anything like this in the App Store. $3.

Better Keyboard: Love Cupcake, but hate the look of the soft keyboard? Skin it. Better Android has pumped out a handful of Android keyboard skins that make the keys a bit wider (yes!) and maybe just a little bit sexier. Installing it can be tricky, and the delete key could be a little easier to hit, but not bad. $2.

Paypal: It is what it is—a Paypal client for Android that lets you manage your account, send money to that guy you bought a vintage Star Trek Kirk action off of on eBay, or just the people in your contact book. (Screenshot via Androidtapp.) Free.

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This list is in no way definitive (especially cause it's our first!). If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this month, give us a heads up or, better yet, your firsthand impressions in the comments. And for even more apps: see our past app coverage roundups here. Also, why isn't it easier to take a screenshot in Android dammit? Have a good weekend everybody.