The folks at Energizer are updating their Energi To Go line of rechargeable battery life extenders to encompass the iPhone 3G and solar power.

The first new entries, two form-fitting, rubberized AP Charger battery packs for the iPhone, had me thinking of Incase Power Slider.

They're not as eye-catching as the Incase, but they're not as expensive, either. It's $50 for the AP1000 and $80 for the beefier, longer-lasting AP1500. Weigh your options, battery pack wants and desires accordingly. Also, in the case of the AP1500, Energizer promises to double the battery life of a typical iPhone charge. Updated: As some commenters have noted, and I'm inclined to agree with, that branding front and center is fugly at best. Definitely not subtle.

In the aforementioned solar power category comes the SP1000 and SP2000, for $50 and $100, respectively. Boasting 500 charges each, these solar cells include a set of tips so that you can charge all manner of GPS devices, MP3 players and cellphones out in the wilds of suburbia. Or camping in the woods too, if that's your thing. More tips are available online, should the included six not meet your needs. The SP line even charges via indoor light sources, although not as quickly as the advertised 6-hour charge time in direct sunlight.


In all, there will be about 10 new additions to this line of battery packs and chargers coming in June, Energizer tells us, courtesy a new partnership with XPAL Power. Not much else to say on XPAL save a brief mention in our glorious Gadget Deals of the Day series.