I just finished groping the PSP Go! After a few minutes with the new handheld, I know why Sony is keeping the classic PSP intact. Updated with video.

The PSP Go! feels considerably smaller than the wider PSP—mostly because it is. And the feeling of actually playing is akin to a cellphone/PSP hybrid, a device like we expected to see from Ericsson for some time. Borrowing from Kotaku's game review process for a moment, here's my take on the PSP Go!:


What I Loved:
• The chrome triggers are the perfect level of clicky, and they extrude from the Go's body at just the right amount.
• With brushed metal, piano black and matte black, it's a nice looking machine in person with hardware that, for the most part, feels premium.
• Sliding the PSP Go! open and close is smooth and satisfying and addictive and wonderful.

What I'm Not Sure About:
• Both the D-Pad and main game buttons don't press down very much. Sure, they were responsive, but it barely felt like you were pushing them down. The feeling would take some getting used to.
• The position of the single analog stick makes the device feel smaller than it really is (in a bad way). And it's just tough to use in its current, tiny-hand-intended system. I was left wondering, is the PSP Go! small, or are my hands just big?

What I Hated:
• The start/select buttons are just a waste of space on the controller. They could have been stuck anywhere. Instead, they spite you, taking up the spot that the second analog should be. Also, these two buttons simply don't feel as premium as the rest of the device.


UPDATE: Later, I tested the system without the annoying security tether. It was far easier to hold, making the controls feel more manageable. But I'd need an extended play test to really know if I could handle it for heavy gaming.