You've seen our liveblog of today's big event, now jump below for links to all of the new software and gear, including the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS Complete Feature Guide
iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS Comparison Chart
The Not-So-New $99 8GB iPhone
iPhone 3GS Gets Voice Control
"Find My iPhone" Is a Relief to Us Forgetful Types
Old 16GB iPhone 3G to Sell for $149
And the One Caveat: AT&T.

iPhone OS
iPhone 3.0: The Whole Story
App Roundup: iPhone 3.0

Mac OS X
Mac OSX Snow Leopard: The Whole Story
Safari 4 Available, Dubbed "World's Fastest Browser"

New MacBooks
New 15-Inch MacBook Pros
Introducing the New, Cheap, 13-Inch MacBook Pro

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