E3 was positively epic this year—it's like we got brand new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, but with the same boxes we have in our living room right now. Here's all our coverage in one handy spot:

Nintendo E3 Keynote
Wii Vitality Sensors Turns Wii into Definitive Nursing Home Console
Nintendo Wii MotionPlus Hands On: One Year, Three Games Later
Why the Original Wiimote Didn't Have MotionPlus
Nintendo: We Could Be Stuck With the Wii for 8 More Years
Power Up Charging Stand Recharges the Wii Punch-Out Board
Mad Catz Wiimote Feels Like the Real Thing for $10 Less
Nyko Zoom Case: 'Cause You Don't Care If Your DSi Is Actually Portable
Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Says He Wouldn't Use a Mac or iPhone if Apple Was a Competitor
Old Feuds Reunite Between Nintendo and Sega
The Difference Between Sony and Nintendo at E3
5 Things That Should've Been at E3 But Weren't

Microsoft E3 Keynote
Testing Project Natal: We Touched the Intangible
Xbox 360 Project Natal Full Body Motion Control One Ups the Wii
Project Natal Won E3, and Maybe the Motion Control Wars
Microsoft: Project Natal Is "The Endgame"
Project Natal on Video
Download Xbox Live Full Retail Games on Demand
Microsoft Says Xbox 360 Is "Less Than Halfway Done
Where Is Xbox Live Anywhere?
Facebook and Twitter on Xbox 360
Netflix Lets You Add to Queue, Zune Video Marketplace Gets 1080p Instant Streaming
Xbox Live Spillover: New Avatars, Where's Hulu and Why I Hope You Have Fast Internet
Halo 3 ODST Collector's Edition Controller Won't Fit in Convenant Hands
The Xbox Needs Apps
5 Things That Should've Been at E3 But Weren't

Sony's E3 Keynote
PS3 Motion Controller May Be the Best Game Motion Capture Yet
Hands On: Is The PSP Go! Too Small?
Sony to Offer New Digital Copies Of Your Old UMD Games
Everything You Need to Know About the PSP Go!
Sony: Dual Shock Still Defacto, Motion Control Secondary
Sony PlayStation Motion Controller Video: How It Works
The Difference Between Sony and Nintendo at E3
5 Things That Should've Been at E3 But Weren't

Aaaand that's it. Hope you liked our coverage of E3 as much as we liked covering it!