With Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference tomorrow, Snow Leopard is closer than ever to release. Catch up on what makes the cat purr with this quick guide.

For one thing, the general purpose computing on graphics processor chips (GPGPU for short) could very well melt your entire face off into a puddle of pathetic all over your razor thing Apple keyboard.

For another thing, there's this 64-bit business. Bandied about by marketing types for years, the tech is legit in Snow Leopard, and we explain why you should give a hoot in our lovable Giz Explains series.

Also on the cool front is this confirmed feature regarding the front-end. Basically, with Snow Leopard the HFS+ drivers will let you access a Mac's files from Windows while in Boot Camp. Multiple OS's? Totally seamless.

Sort of confirmed, sort of up on the air (but going strong): MacBook 3G support is built into Snow Leopard.

Oh, and screen recording is making a triumphant return with Snow Leopard's Quicktime Player.

Of course, questions become answers when WWDC '09 begins in earnest tomorrow. [Gizmodo Liveblog]