It's the big question, isn't it? Sprint vs. AT&T, Palm vs. Apple, physical keys vs. solo touchscreen. Here are recent stories to help inform you about every aspect of both, so your eventual decision is intelligent, whichever one you choose.

Palm Pre Reviews
Our review
What other reviewers said
10 things you should know about the Pre

Known Pre Issues
• Tethering? Maybe not
• iTunes syncing could go away
• Hooray for homebrew!
• How's that reception?
• Screen scratchy? Heat distortion?

Apple iPhone 3GS Reviews
Our Review
What other reviewers are saying
iPhone 3GS Complete Feature Guide

Known 3GS Issues
3GS-exclusive apps from the App Store; definitely better graphics for 3GS
• Tethering? Probably gonna cost extra
• Already jailbroken and SIM-unlocked
• What, no Verizon?

Easy Advice
A flowchart
Stay tuned for more issues and revelations with the 3GS when the phone finally ships to customers, and people start the inevitable complaining.

What about the original $99 iPhone 3G? And while we're at it, what about the best BlackBerry and Android phones? Hey, that's why we wrote up the Smartphone Buyer's Guide: The Best of the Best. You can thank us later. Or now, below, in comments.

And of course, there's always the choice of buying none.