While we've been working hard all week, Kotaku's been writing about video games. The nerve! Here are our favorite Kotaku posts from the week:

• 8-Bit Movie Games We Wish Existed
• The Great Chain Interview
Kotaku makes execs ask competing execs questions.
• Nintendo Explains How MotionPlus Thing Go Into Remote Thing

• Will Wright Talks Team Building
Recruitment advice from one of gaming's most successful designers.
• Fan-Made iPhone Wallpapers Look Familiar
• Microsoft's John Schappert Leaves Msoft For EA, Not Being Replaced
We just talked to Schappert at E3. Now EA has poached Microsoft management talent again.


• Does Ghostbusters: The Video Game Look Better On Xbox 360?
Spoiler: Xbox 360
• Olivia Munn's Playboy Cover Looks Like This
Spoiler: Clothed
• Mario Gets Played Off By The Keyboard Cat