Apple designmeisters Jonathan Ive and Jody Turner gave this giant pink nano to fashion genius Paul Smith for his birthday. Smith is the designer—among many things—of my NSFW naked pin-up wallet, which you can see after the jump.

On Friday 3rd July, I received a really lovely mad gift for my birthday (which is on the 5th) from Jonathan Ive and Jody who works with him at Apple - a perfect model of an Ipod but as you can see slightly bigger than usual. Jonny knows I like strange things; as the real thing gets smaller, he sends me a giant version!

Oh, those crazy designers and their crazy presents. Paul, you should send Jon and Jody one of your Mini bags. One the size of a real Mini. [Paul Smith via Macenstein]

This is my (second) Paul Smith wallet. And this is the Mini bag, which I use to tote my MacBook Pro, camera, and spare t-shirts and underpants in trips.