Circuits made of plastic could revolutionize e-waste, but gadgets on fishing nets aimed to save sea turtles could end up adding to it. Plus, Italy gets a real WALL-E and Japanese tradition brings us cool ZenLight LEDs.

Two Australian researchers have devised a way to make circuits out of recycled plastic that would help eliminate much of our e-waste stream. Their research is aimed at greening our gadgets, and their video on TreeHugger explains the background on the project.


New gadgets that will attach to fishing nets could help save sea turtles. However, they also have the chance of ending up as e-waste. We weigh the pros, cons, and possibilities of this underwater eco-tech.

An interesting LED light uses ambient light sensors and motion detectors to keep a zen-like feel to hallways and dark corners. You can watch it in action at TreeHugger and see if you feel a little more one with the world.

WALL-E arrives in Italy! The DustCart is helping to keep the streets clean (and people out of the way) R2D2-style.

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