Hey guys, it was too nice this weekend to sit inside and round up apps for you. So sowwy! Inside we've got illicit messengers, "disruptive" Twitter apps and bloggy blog blog goodness.

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0: It's a leak and installing it is at your own risk, but if you've got a relatively recent BlackBerry—anything after the Curve 8300—it should be compatible with your device. Why take the risk? It integrates GPS location, has a proximity sensor, and other features and aesthetic niceties. Grab it here, if you dare.

Google Voice: We mentioned it before, but it's worthy of another shoutout—after all, we're talking about a native Google Voice app for your BlackBerry here. It's not quite as tightly integrated as the Android app (wonder why that could be), but it does make it easier to make calls from Google Voice number and manage your inbox from your BlackBerry. Download it here.

Camera to Go: Promise you won't use this to be creepy. CameraToGo lets you silence your BlackBerry's shutter sound and take timed shots. It won't work with CDMA BlackBerrys for some reason—maybe that's for the best. It's $5, but CrackBerry's got a free trial. Download is here.

Verizon FiOS Remote DVR: Storm only for now, with Curve (and presumably Tour) support "coming soon," this one's pretty self-explanatory: It lets you scope out TV listings and remotely program your FiOS set-top box to record TV shows. Yay synergy. Snag it here.


Slacker Radio on BlackBerry Storm: Whether you want it or not, Slacker Radio is getting pushed by Verizon to your BlackBerry Storm.

Pandora 1.1: The latest version of Pandora for BlackBerry now streams in stereo AAC+. Update here.

Tweeteev: Supposedly coming out any day now, tweetev is one of the flashier BlackBerry Twitter apps we've seen—up there with TweetGenius. It looks fairly full-featured too: Trends, search, multiple account support and plenty of pop. We'll have to wait and see if it's actually "disruptive," but you can sign up to be pinged when it's out here.

WordPress for BlackBerryI don't know who the smarmy European narrating their intro video is or who picked the ridiculous elevator music playing behind him, but it's only forgiveable since we've finally got an official WordPress for BlackBerry. It looks pretty hideous on older BlackBerrys (the 8700 version makes me want to barf) but feature-wise, it seems fairly solid in terms of actually putting crap up on your blog. It's a beta, so if it breaks on you, don't expect to wag your finger too hard. Grab it here.

Bolt Browser Beta 3: While we wait for Skyfire for BlackBerry to go all public, in the meantime we've got the WebKit-powered Bolt browser, which has hit beta 3. Besides adding in basics that were missing before, like copy and paste, direct text entry and the ability to kil images for faster loading, you can do stuff like upload to YouTube and Photobucket now. Oh, and it's faster. Download it here. (Image via BlackBerry Cool)

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This list is in no way definitive. If you've spotted a great app that hit the store this month, give us a heads up or let us know in the comments. Have a good week!