1979 was the beginning of Lego as we know it today, the year when they took over the world, the year of the Galaxy Explorer. I photographed all the classic sets in my Lego trip. Here's the never-released gallery:

The Lego bricks were invented a lot earlier, but 1979 was the year of Legoland Space, Legoland Town, and Legoland Castle. Those three are the Lego universes that started it all. They were first introduced in 1978—except for the Galaxy Explorer—but it wasn't until 1979 and the few following years when they really took off. More importantly for me: It wasn't until 1979 when I actually build them.

During 1978, 1979, and the beginning of the 80s, Lego had its Golden Age. For sure, now they sell more than ever and they have a huge army of followers. But that was the true Golden Age, with the very best sets ever developed by the Danish company.

Many great ones came later, but I was lucky enough to play with all those original sets back in 1979, when I was a little kid.

Here you have my favorites, straight from the official show room on top of their secret vault, in the original Lego factory.