For every five products that claim some kind of haptic feedback support, maybe one actually puts it to good useā€”like the URC MX-5000 touchscreen remote, which uses the technology to guide your fingers while they guide your TV.

Beyond the haptics, the MX-5000 is a fairly standard high-end universal remote, intended for system builders to pair with similarly high-end home media systemsā€”not your 40-inch HDTV. This explains the unorthodox button choice and inclusion of Wi-Fi, which the remote uses to display all manner of information broadcast from your receiver. It also explains the price priceā€”although there's no official figure, Crunchgear's inquiry was answered with an ominous "below $1500."


Even if most people could never dreaming of needing one of these, the concept is still exciting: having to looks at a remote every time you use it feels like a step back, so if URC can clear that hurdle, more power to them. [Crunchgear]